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Workshop: Join us in decarbonising urban freight transport

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The primary aim of the workshop is to build a Nordic consortium that can together work on urban freight transport decarbonisation, with a focus on the role of the local and regional government in this process.

During the workshop, we will:

• Present work on trends and action areas as well as past and ongoing initiatives from local and regional authorities to support urban freight transport decarbonisation.
• Jointly identify what actions can be taken, which actors could be involved, and what the role of the local public authority is.
• Present the funding programme “Quality of Life Through Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity” from Nordic Innovation, and take steps to build a consortium to apply for funding in this programme.

The workshop is jointly organised and hosted by Trivector Traffic, CONCITO and Region Hovedstaden (The Capital Region of Denmark).

Our aim is to use the workshop to create a consortium to work further on the topic. However, joining the consortium is not a requirement to attend the workshop.

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Start: 2019-03-12 - 10:00
Slut: 2019-03-12 - 16:00